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Displays the vendor name, the version implemented
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OpenGL Extensions Viewer is a piece of software developed by realtech VR with the purpose to allow users view detailed information about the graphics renderers available on their computers, displaying such information as the name of the renderer, product version, the vendor, the shading language version etc.

The interface is well-organized, presenting basically two working areas. Therefore, the left side of the screen presents the menu with its main functions, while the right-handed part of the screen represents the display screen on which the functions of the menu will be presented once the user selects them.

Besides information about the graphics renderers, the tool also displays information regarding the users' system, including the type of monitor used, the type of operating system, the processor etc., which are displayed by accessing the "Summary" section.
Users can also perform various tests using this tool by accessing the "Rendering tests" section. This way, they can test the quality of their monitor and the characteristics of the processor installed on their computer.

The "Database" section allows users visualize all the vendors, renderers and extensions available on the system, as well as detailed information for each of them.

All in all, OpenGL Extensions Viewer offers advanced information about the graphics renderers of a system, being suitable for anyone who is in need of viewing the characteristics of these components. The simple interface makes it an easy-to-use and efficient tool.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The possibility to perform rendering tests on your system
  • The possibility to create reports to make sure OpenGL 3D driver is correctly installed


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